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mini. fast. portable.

The blendio™ portable blender brings an innovative technology
that allows you to prepare a tropical smoothie,
fresh juice, iced frappe and other

perfect drinks every day.

  • Original Design

    blendio™ has been designed with an emphasis on innovative technology that ensures the ease of use while retaining the shape of a regular bottle for the best drinking experience.

  • Wireless Charging

    The portable blender offers wireless charging experience using a special magnetic charger, which also ensures the maximum speed of a full charge. The blender can be fully charged in just 1 hour of charging, and will last for up to 30 cycles.

  • Above-average Performance

    Despite the small design, blendio™ is incredibly powerful and can easily handle even the larger pieces of frozen fruit and ice. It reliably blends everything in just a few seconds.

  • Easy to Clean

    Thanks to its simple design, blendio™ can be washed easily without an excessive water consumption. Just add water, detergent and turn it on.

endless possibilities

blendio™ is the best tool for preparing healthy drinks.

Explore the new recipes we have prepared for you.

Oreo Milkshake

Prepare the perfect McDonald's Oreo milkshake. The recipe has been prepared by Tereza Slancarova in her Instagram blog @terezas_diary.


Tropical Smoothie

blendio™ can be used to prepare the best smoothie from the fresh & frozen fruit. Explore many different recipes.

Iced Frappé

Are you tempted by the feeling of preparing a frappe without any limits? With the blendio™ portable blender, preparation is possible anywhere.

Fresh Lemonade

All you have to do is pre-cut your favorite fruit, put it in a blender and you can blend it at any time during the day.

Piña Colada

blendio™ allows you to become your own barista. Prepare basic as well as more complex cocktails at home or on the go.

Protein Shake

Prepare your favorite shake right after your workout for an immediate replenishment of necessary proteins.

we appreciate your kind words.


“I can't say enough good things about this portable blender. I already owned a similar blender before but this one is truly unique. I love the unique design and wireless charging feature."

Jakub S.

Truly amazing!

"Since I bought this portable blender and tried it for the first time, I can't imagine a single day without it. I use it every morning to prepare a smoothie for my work. I definitely recommend it.”

Adele B.

100% satisfaction

“I bought the blendio™ a few weeks ago and I am absolutely satisfied with it. It blends everything reliably, even frozen fruit and ice cubes.”

Christina D.

Perfect. Satisfied!

“I bought 2 blenders to take advantage of the quantity discount, one for my wife and one for my daughter, my only regret is that I didn't buy one for myself as well. I recommend it to anyone who loves smoothies like our family.”

John. D.

Finally a solid portable blender!

"I've been looking for such a solid portable blender for a long time. This is finally a blender that you can comfortably drink from! It is smaller, but perfectly portable. I take it to work with me every day.”

Alex C.

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